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Study in the UK blog for international students. We are a bunch of UK graduates from different country sharing our study in UK experiences and helping overseas students with their dreams. Whether you want to study in London or Manchester you’ve all the options to study across the UK.

Top areas to study in the UK

UK is known for it’s worlds leading research universities and top quality study experience. London is the most soughted city for students. 

UK is very recognised for their excellent teaching facilities. Few of the worlds best university in the UK and offers all areas to study to the international students. You can apply by yourself directly or even consider taking help from educational agents

Computing & IT

Computing and IT is one of the shought areas to study for students. From basic Computer science to Cyber security.

Medicine & Sports Science

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Business & Management

Business and Management is very rewarding and thrilling in UK. Universities offering wide range of degrees e.g MBA.


UK have a range of engineering degree in UG and PG level. Study engineering in top ranked British Universities. 

Law & Politics

Studying Law degree in the UK is obvious. UK is very renowned for LLM, LLB or BPTC. Apply to study Law in the UK.

Arts & Sciences

Top class education and research facilities with over 100+ courses in Arts and Social science areas to study. 

Accounting & Finance

Wide range of Accounting & Finance related degree at UG and PG both level offered by almost every university in the UK.

Apps & Games

The new craze of Game Development. This industry growing very fast. There’s plenty of opportunities for the student in this sector. 

Why study in the UK?

Undoubtedly UK is one of the top choicses for the international students. Studying in the UK means a lot. More specifically excellent teaching facilities, rich cultural experience, one of the most diverse country, world’s top soccer league “English Premier League” and so many other things that a student can enjoy during their studies in the UK.

Access to top universities

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To simplify your admission process we launched our unique course search tools that will give you complete freedom to apply multiple course and university from here..

Admission is a complicated process to many. With 100% transparency we are providing you the right platform to apply direct by yourself and keep tracking your applications. 

A new door for UK graduates – Graduate Route

Post study work permit is one of the most lucrative facilities overseas student will be benefitted after graduation from a UK University.

Previously known as “Post Study Work” (PSW) permit for international students after graduation. The new revised post study work permit is called “Graduate Route”. The overseas students will be able to gain relevant work experience after their studies. This also opens a new gateway to find skilled job and settled in the UK for students after graduation either a Bachelor degree or postgraduate. 

India, Bangladesh and Pakistan are in the Red list travel ban in UK

India has become the latest addition to UK red-listed travel ban countries. In the past UK has also banned two South Asian countries Bangladesh and Pakistan in the last month. Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary announced they've found Indian passengers...

Apply without IELTS to study in UK Universities

UK universities accept international students to study without IELTS but that depends on students' previous qualifications. If you are an international student planning to study in the UK and IELTS is something you are concerned about. The university may be able to...

How to apply Tier 4 UK Student Visa without any Agents?

UK Tier 4 student visa application process is not that hard as you may imagine and learn how to apply UK student visa without agent. This blog post for those students who would like to apply for UK student visa without any help from agents or representatives. If you...


Top frequently asked questions by the students. Know about UK Tier 4 Student admission & Visa procedures.

Tier 4 UK General student visa immigration and admission requirements has been changing very frequently but there’s always some basic questions in students mind. Here’s the FAQ lists.

How much does it costs to study in the UK?

Very common questions. UK intitutes tuition fees and liviings expenses are very competetive coparing to other top study destinations in the world.  

What is the IELTS requirements?

Generally to study degree level courses you required CERF B2 Level scores. Like 6.0 avg. and minimum 5.5 in each component. 

How to apply to UK University?

You can always visit individual university website for direct admissions. However “The London Study” provides 100% FREE admission supports to the international students. You can apply direct from our website by clicking here. 

How much is tuition?

Avg. tuition fees for UG and PG is £12,000 – £20,000 p/a in the UK. However there’s plenty of scholarships offered by UK universities. Fees also varies based on university and courses. 

How to get a UK Student Visa

UK Student visa is point based systems. You need a valid admission and CAS letter from Tier 4 sponsor institutes to apply UK Tier 4 general student visa.

Can I get Scholarships?

UK Universities provides hundreds of scholarships each year. There’s plenty scholarships available for international students. Contact with international team of your university for scholarships. 

Free Courses

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Student visa guide

The admission service is not enough for your success. International student must have a valid UK student visa as well. Get a FREE student visa guide for UK.

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